Recent Obituaries

NameDate of Death
Frank A. Reilly2014-07-28
John M. MacKeigan2014-07-28
William Havenga2014-07-28
Margaret E. LaSalle2014-07-27
James Thornquist Glerum2014-07-26


Previous Obituaries

NameDate of Death
Margaret L. Gilbert2014-07-24
Wendell G. Champion2014-07-23
Joanne E. DeHaan2014-07-23
Shari Morell Thompson2014-07-23
Margie Tabor-Brim2014-07-22
Mary Ellen Garbrecht2014-07-18
Charles Delano Smith2014-07-16
David L. Pickering2014-07-16
Kimberly McQueen Bernard2014-07-15
Patricia Berry2014-07-12


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