Recent Obituaries

NameDate of Death
Harry E. Clay2014-11-26
Rubin Feldman2014-11-26
Nancy L. Oates2014-11-23
David A. Paul2014-11-18
Ruth A. Dersch2014-11-15


Previous Obituaries

NameDate of Death
Richard H. Bethune 2014-11-10
Catherine M. Levy2014-11-08
James H. DeBoer Sr.2014-11-08
JoAnne Dixon Norton2014-11-03
William S. Reed2014-10-30
John S. Grill2014-10-30
Dottie Siebers2014-10-29
Mary Kathryn Kloote2014-10-28
Dorothy O. Heaton2014-10-27
Mary M. Freitag2014-10-26


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